Make a Funny Bunny Easter Egg Holder

What makes an Easter egg hunt an egg-ceptionally good time? Our special printable that lets you add a cute bunny face and ears to your eggs—make ’em by the dozen! Here’s how they’ll look assembled: And here are the individual pieces.   Click here to download the PDF and have some hoppin’ good crafty fun with […]

Making a maypole

Make a Miniature Maypole Craft

Celebrate spring and the first day of May with a miniature version of a traditional May Day craft: a maypole! We used recycled paper towel rolls to make a tabletop version of a maypole. Use this maypole as a table centerpiece or as a party decoration. We used artificial flowers in our maypole craft, but […]


Sensory Learning: Hands-On Exploration

Sensory experiences are essential to a young child’s development. The more senses that are engaged in a learning experience, the more they can practice memory, analyzing and observation. These three projects offer great opportunities to talk to your kid about what’s alike and what’s different, and using all five senses to learn about our world!   […]

Kix Fine Motor Step by Step

Fine Motor Skills: Moving and Making

Using scissors, holding craft sticks in place, applying tape: All these small movements are essential to giving kids the practice they need to take on handwriting and other skills. Check out these three fun projects—each one’s a great way to practice and build fine motor skills! Boredom Buster: Paper Plate Flying Disc   Kid Science: Craft […]


Food Art: Earth Day Kix Cake

Earth day is Tuesday, April 22nd, and it’s a perfect opportunity to talk to your kids about why taking care of the earth is so important.  Why not enjoy a little cake with your talk too?!  This earth day cake is so fun to make, your kids will want to help you in the kitchen before you enjoy […]


Kid Science: Egg Geodes

Creating colorful egg geodes teaches sedimentation and crystallization–and sparks a love for science and learning! The alum powder on the egg gives the alum particles in the water a place to attach themselves as they crystallize. The steps: 1. Start with clean, empty eggshell halves. Add glue and spread evenly with a paintbrush. 2. Coat […]


Imagine That: Creative Crafts for Kids

It’s all about imagination and transformation: Cardboard tubes become barns, paper plates become wild animals, and a cereal box becomes a architectural masterpiece. These three crafts for kids give your little ones the opportunity to explore and invent with art materials, and launch them on an imaginative, creative path ahead! Cardboard Tube Stackers   Paper […]

CD Lamb

Recycled CD Spring Lamb

Did you know that a lamb is also a sheep? The difference is their age. A lamb is a sheep that is less than a year old. There are also special terms for the gender of a sheep. A female sheep is called a “ewe” while a male sheep is called a “ram”. This adorable […]

6 kid-friendly earth day crafts made from recycled materials

6 Earth Day Crafts From Recycled Materials

On April 22nd, people around the world will celebrate Earth Day to raise awareness of conservation and support for environmental protection. This year, why not create some earth-friendly crafts in honor of Earth Day? You already have a plentiful and renewable source for craft supplies, and it’s right in your home: your recycling bin! Raid […]

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